The moon

I had a go at photographing the moon. It’s 1am, my neighbours have gone to bed, and I stood in my car park with my tripod, and tried many different shutter speeds with a low ISO setting to get as much of a clear picture of the moon as I could, and I am happy with the results! You can really see…

The Woman in the Garden

I’ve not been one for taking portrait shots, but when I was at Coughton Hall, We found this statue, so I thought i’d give it a go. Given the chance to re-take this photo, I think I would have taken this with a shallower field of depth, blurring out the background flowers a bit more. We live and learn.

Coughton Hall

I visited Coughton Hall with family today, and since it was the first time I visited a National Trust location, I was shocked at the entrance fee, compared to what it offered. Perhaps it’s suited more for the older generations, I do not know. However, it was quite interesting. I used the opportunity to be able to properly test out my camera,…